Reproduction Services

We provide the following services for all your pet’s reproductive needs:

  • Comprehensive physical exams on reproductive animals
  • Ovulation timing via progesterone and cytology for female dogs
  • Semen collection and evaluation
  • Semen evaluation at the time of artificial insemination
  • Fresh, frozen, or chilled semen evaluation and insemination services are available
  • Ultrasound confirmation of early pregnancy (30 days)
  • Nutritional consults for pregnancy
  • Radiographic identification of puppies and counts for whelping
  • Pelvic measurement and evaluation for free whelping
  • Whelping kits with instructions, fluids, calcium, and oxytocin with Doctor consult and telemedicine privileges for established breeding clients
  • Scheduled C-sections for those in need
  • Emergency C sections for established breeding clients
  • Surgical removal of dewclaws and tails if warranted by breed standards
  • Litter physical exams/deworming/vaccines/microchips/puppy kits