Diagnostic Services


If your pet develops a medical condition that requires a diagnostic workup we are here to help. Our diagnostic services include:

ECG and blood pressure

  •    Demonstrates heart rate and rhythm
  •    Detects hypertension, which is especially common in older cats
  •    Helps to guide treatment in critically ill pets
  •    Monitors pet’s condition under anesthesia

In house laboratory, (complemented by full-service professional laboratories)

  • Complete Cell Count, blood smear evaluation, platelet count
  • Serum Chemistries, clotting time
  • screening tests for Parvovirus, Feline Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Heartworm,  Canine Heartworm, and tick disease.
  •    Urinalysis
  •    Skin/ear cytology
  •    Ringworm fungal cultures
  •    Fecal testing
  •    Blood glucose


  •    to assess for eye diseases such as uveitis and glaucoma


  •    X- Rays reveal the size, shape, and location of internal structures and organs
  •   Helps to diagnose heart conditions, bladder stones, cancer, orthopedic problems, and more


  •    Reveals the size, shape, location, and structure within internal organs
  •    Pregnancy diagnosis
  •    Guides in obtaining urine and fluid samples

We are thrilled to engage the services of Dr. Angela Gasser DVM, DACVIM of Salutaris Veterinary Specialists. She is a Board Certified Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist with advanced training in ultrasonography. Dr. Gasser performs abdominal ultrasonography and internal medicine consultations at our clinic by advanced appointment. We all, pets, doctors, and owners, benefit from her expertise and experience!

For valid information concerning your pet’s diagnosis, go to Veterinary Partners