Adult & Senior Cat Care

Caring for Adult and Senior Cats At Our Certified Cat-Friendly Practice

The Cat-Friendly Practice program helps us to provide the best possible care for cats. The 128 item checklist needed to fulfill the requirements of the program provides us with many points of knowledge that benefit our cat patients including:

  • advanced training for gentle handling
  • a better understanding of the cat’s distinct needs and behavior
  • continuing education specific to feline medicine and treatment
  • purpose-built cat-only exam room and kennel
  • use of pheromone diffusers, chemical signals that help keep cats calm
  • acknowledging the vital role of the cat owner in developing health care plans
  • client resources developed by the American Association of Feline Practitioners
  • Staff and doctors that are committed to providing low-stress care

The importance of veterinary visits are explained here-  “5 Benefits of routine vet visits for your cat”

Your cat’s annual wellness visit is an opportunity for you to share with us your observations of your cat at home. We work with you to make recommendations for vaccines, parasite control, nutrition, weight management, dental care, pain management, and behavior issues.

Adult cat recommendations:

  • annual physical exam
  • annual deworming, if needed
  • annual internal parasite testing
  • vaccine protocols developed by the American Association of Feline Practitioners

Senior cat additional recommendations:

  • annual lab work
  • blood pressure checks

Help in observing your cats for arthritis can be found at: Arthritis pain checklist

To learn more about Cat-Friendly Practice and find resources for cat owners, go to Cat-Friendly Resources

Help to train your cat to take pills by giving them a soft treat like a piece of Pill Pocket twice a day. The goal is to have them happily gobble down their accustomed treat without realizing a pill is hidden inside!

To make an appointment for your cat, call us at 540-364-4954