Waiver for Online Prescription Medications

  • The United States Food and Drug Administration advises caution when purchasing medications for pets from online pharmacies.

    The US FDA has found that some online pharmacy sites:
    -Sell unapproved pet drugs
    -Sell counterfeit pet products
    -Make fraudulent claims
    -Dispense medications without requiring prescriptions
    -Sell expired drugs

    In addition, buying from online pharmacies negates the ability of veterinarians to engage their drug companies from offering expert guidance, assistance, and compensation in the rare case of problems encountered with medication dispensed.

    Our in-house pharmacy offers competitive pricing on heartworm preventatives, flea and tick preventatives, and other select medications.
  • Authorization

    I understand the risks involved with filling my pet medications with online pharmacies.

    I do not hold The Small Animal Clinic at Piedmont Equine responsible for any issues encountered with using online pharmacies.